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Thursday Links - Hockey Pick-Up Lines

Thanks, Dave.

"Look at those guys, they think they're so cool because they're in the playoffs."
"Look at those guys, they think they're so cool because they're in the playoffs."
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports


  • The Blues are still out of the playoffs.
  • The Blues have signed Martin Brodeur for three years as assistant GM. [SLGT]
  • Beyond Checkerdome Episode #86 "Now With More Tims!" is up and "It's better than a 20 MPH head wind on a prostitute's bike". [SLGT]
  • Scottrade Center is number 7 in the NHL Arena Experience. (S/T to Hildy) [Stadium Journey]
  • UFA Survivor continues with the pros of keeping hometown boy Chris Butler around, by HullandOates85. [SLGT]



  • Tampa Bay won three minutes into OT. Take notes here, Chicago and Anaheim. [ 5/20/15]
  • You might have heard that Mike Babcock did not end up as the Blues coach. Instead, he's getting paid in Toronto with the Maple Leafs. [Puck Daddy]
  • Andrew Hammond has signed a three-year deal to hamburgle pucks for the Ottawa Senators. [Puck Daddy]
  • Tyler Johnson is kind of good this post season. [CBS Eye on Hockey]
  • Some Toronto Argonauts players were not happy with the timing of the Babcock announcement. [CBS Eye on Hockey]
  • The Flyers have signed Evgeni Medvedev to a one-year $3MM contract. He's spent the past eight years in the KHL with Ak Bars Kazan (I hope Admiral Ackbar is their mascot). [CBS Eye on Hockey]
  • Brian Boyle and his wife welcomed their first child shortly after Game Two. [USA Today FTW]
  • David Letterman's top 5 hockey references in Top 10 Lists. [Puck Daddy]



Top 10 Hockey Player Pick-Up Lines.


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