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Beyond Checkerdome #87: Hitch, or Switch?

The latest podcast is up and ready for the imminent Blues Twitter Meltdown

Welcome to the party, Marty !!!
Welcome to the party, Marty !!!
Scott Kane-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back my friends, to the coaching decision that never ends. Another week has gone by, and still no word on who the bench boss next year is going to be. Although, the dominoes have started to fall: new coaches in Toronto, Philly, and Edmonton are all decided. Surely, our own decision isn't far behind. There was news though: we have a new Assistant General Manager in Martin Brodeur . There's the latest on Vladimir Sobotka, the comic end to the Babswatch saga, and of course the playoffs as well. This might be the most disagreements we've ever had on the show! The best part though, is a prediction that came true - but you'll have to pay attention to find out what it was.

Give it a listen, eh?

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