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Thursday Links - The Planets Align

All the game sevens, earthquakes, and musical Supernatural.

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You're supposed to stop those flying black discs!
You're supposed to stop those flying black discs!
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports


  • Playoffs…..nope.
  • What does the return of Ken Hitchcock mean for the Blues? Hildy has thoughts. [SLGT]
  • UFA Survivor continues with Marcel Goc. [SLGT]



  • This Hawks v. Ducks series has been going on forever and will continue to Game 7 on Saturday. (I predict quadruple OT) [ 5/27/15]
  • No links except about the Hawks winning.  BOOOOOOO!
  • Dave Hakstol will have to pay UND $100,000.00 for leaving his contract before June 30th, 2015, for an NHL coaching position with the Philadelphia Flyers. (I think he can handle it) [CBS Sports Eye on Hockey]
  • Blackhawks fans filed a lawsuit alleging drunken Kings fans beat them up during the 2014 playoffs. [Puck Daddy]
  • Phil Collins' doppelgänger, Pete DeBoer, will be hired by the Sharks to be their head coach. I Cannot Believe It's True. [USA Today]


  • The planets are aligning (prepare, PREPARE!), so brace for massive earthquakes today…or don't, since this is most definitely BS "science". [CNet]
  • A Texas man has gotten a tattoo of amateur YouTube weatherman Frankie MacDonald on his leg. It's pretty cool. [CBC As it Happens]
  • Sexting for historians...a guide to 18th century sex slang. [Bustle]
  • Some new ideas for the FIFA16 box art. [Kotaku]
  • Seven amazing book shops. [Mental Floss]


Here's a musical Supernatural parody featuring the stars and guest stars of the show.

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