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One Less Experienced General Manager Available to Replace Armstrong

N.J. Devils announced this afternoon that Ray Shero is their new general manager.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

This afternoon, Lou Lamoriello has named Ray Shero the 4th General Manager of the New Jersey Devils. So that is one less experienced GM available for Stillman to consider for the St. Louis Blues after he gives the heave-ho to Armstrong.

As Puck Daddy tweeted

The naming Shero as GM of a team in need of a coach, might remove Bylsma from the short list of coaches to replace Hitchcock.

The NHL draft is less than two months away.  Teams looking to make a change would do well to make the change now and get their front office organized in time for the draft.  I know Stillman wants a deliberate examination of the organization top to bottom, but time is running out if the big changes are to be made in the front office.

Who would you like to see in the the General Manager chair for next season.  And if Hitchcock does move on, who should be behind the bench for the 2015-16 campaign?