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Tuesday Links - Just Go Ahead Now

Something funny happened to me on the way to writing links, and it was pretty cool. Also, there's a strong chance Vladimir Tarasenko is gonna have a few more Swiss bank accounts in future seasons.

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"Say, how much money is 'shitloads', can anyone tell me?"
"Say, how much money is 'shitloads', can anyone tell me?"
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

There's hockey still going on? Because I basically stopped giving a shit. Thanks, Blues! Jerks.


  • You already heard Vladimir Tarasenko would be the Blues' top offseason priority. But it looks like the team may wait until his deal is taken care of before moving on to the rest of the roster. [SLGT]
  • In a bit of a shocking move, Lou Lamoriello stepped aside as GM of the Devils so they could hire Ray Shero to fill the same role . . . which means, if the Blues WERE thinking of making a move at the very top of the personnel food chain (which was very doubtful to begin with), that's one less experienced guy they can call on to replace Army. [SLGT]



  • One game last night. Also, one goal last night. [ 05/04/15]
  • Two games today. Fuck Chicago. [ 05/05/15]
  • Alex Ovechkin has always been a team player because he scores goals for his team. Among other things from Ryan Lambert in What We Learned. [Puck Daddy]
  • Claude Giroux and Sidney Crosby teamed up for a goal for Team Canada at the IIHF Worlds in the Czech Republic. Which rival stars of disappointing failures tend to do out there. [CBS Sports Eye on Hockey]
  • Speaking of the IIHF Worlds, Team USA is now 3-0 at that tournament after dispatching of Tarasenko and his Team Russia squad 4-2 yesterday. [USA Today]
  • Connor McDavid is fucking destroying goaltenders in the Ontario Hockey League tournament. He has 42 points in . . . FIFTEEN games. That is insane. McDavid's Erie Otters squad will face the Oshawa Generals for the right to represent the OHL at this year's Memorial Cup. [Y! / Buzzing the Net]
  • Todd McLellan, currently coaching Team Canada in the Czech Republic and speculated to be a possibility for the Blues job when Ken Hitchcock steps down or is told to leave, met with Peter Chiarelli in Prague about the Oilers head coaching job, which McLellan has been VERY connected to since he left the Sharks a couple weeks back. [Puck Daddy]


  • Cinco de Mayo is today. Be safe, and read up on what holiday you're celebrating today. [Wikipedia]
  • A replica of the Hermione--the ship The Marquis de Lafayette and crew sailed to aid the colonies in the Revolutionary War--is retracing Lafayette's voyage. Nice. [NPR / Parallels]
  • A Boston Marathon finisher smooched an unknown man at the event. She went looking for him, and heard from . . . the man's wife. Who was very good-natured about the whole ordeal. [Y! / AP]
  • A review of Montage of Heck, the new documentary on Kurt Cobain. The doc is meant to celebrate Cobain's life, not his death. [Deadspin / The Concourse]


Chris Barron, the lead singer of the 1990's rock group Spin Doctors, followed me on Twitter at some point yesterday. That is awesome, even if he doesn't stick around as a follower. Immediately following that, I thought of his band's biggest hit:

Just go ahead now.

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And look for Episode 84 of Beyond Checkerdome sometime this week.