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Beyond Checkerdome #84: Postseason Post-Mortem

The latest episode is up and ready to slice into this thing..

"Leadership" , "Links" , and "Loser" all begin with L ... just a coincidence I'm sure...
"Leadership" , "Links" , and "Loser" all begin with L ... just a coincidence I'm sure...
Marilyn Indahl-USA TODAY Sports

Hello there! Now that we've let the blood cool a little bit, it's time for us to take a look at the Blues playoff exit and what went wrong. We take a look at the D, the Forwards, and the goalies, and who's RFA vs UFA this offseason. There's a few rumors already swirling, and those are discussed as well. Who is good as gone, and who'll be back next year? Who do you want back next year? We have a great listener question that touches on what new faces we might want to look for on the free agent market. Ultimately, it's an autopsy on this dead season. Come listen to us play doctor!

Wait .... that didn't sound right ...

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