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Blues Still Don't Know About Sobotka's Future

The third-line center is still keeping the Blues in limbo.

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Despite a report from a few weeks ago stating that Vladimir Sobotka, third line center and occasional power play specialist (ed. note: sarcasm) would be staying in the KHL with Avangard Omsk. Fast forward to today, and you'll see an article in the Post-Dispatch stating that Petr Svoboda hasn't contacted Doug Armstrong about anything.

While it would be gravy on an off-season that hasn't gone the way many fans would like to see Sobotka eating Barret Jackman's salary, no news isn't necessarily good news (bad news?) for the Blues. The limbo shouldn't get in the team's way of signing Vladimir Sobotka, nor should it get in the way of whatever free agent signings happen.

Sobe is in the KHL. There is no spot for him on the team at this moment. He's getting paid tons of cash. It's best for all parties if he stays there for the forseeable future.