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Beyond Checkerdome #90: Buffalo Joe

The latest podcast is up and ready for the BuffaSlug

Those were the days, my friend...
Those were the days, my friend...
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Hello there! Make sure that the place is cleaned up - we got company!!

This week we're honored to be visited by our friend Joe Yerdon, currently writing for on the Buffalo Sabres beat. It's always a blast to talk puck with Joe, and it gets fascinating when we talk about his front row seat for all of the Buffalo drama. We talk about their prospects like Sam Reinhart and Mikhail Grigorenko, and an upcoming one - some nobody named Jack Eichel or something? Joe was also covering the recent NHL Draft Combine that was in Buffalo, and we do a little brain picking about that experience. How will new coach Dan Bylsma tackle the challenge there? There's also some speculation about the role the Sabres will play in the free agent and trade markets. They have the picks, cash, and cap space for offer sheets- Hmmmm...

It's really interesting to see how things are going on in Buffalo, and of course see what lessons can be learned and applied to our Blues.

Give it a listen, eh?

For a download link, click HERE

Much thanks to Joe for joining us and dropping some knowledge on us. Keep an eye on his stuff on, and follow him on Twitter at @JoeYerdon. He's a great follow, even for a #NotedJerk.

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