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2015 NHL Awards Open Thread: Come For The Awards, Stay For The Retta

Chat up your predictions and laugh at people telling bad jokes right here.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight is the first of two Blues-free zones for the week, the second of which is obviously Friday night's televised coverage of round one of the NHL Draft. Both come replete with reminders of the Blackhawks winning the Cup, but only one will give you a chance to laugh at the awkwardness of Jonathan Toews on camera.

Despite the fact that no Blues are up for anything tonight, and that several of the awards are shoe-ins (is anyone but Bob Hartley going to win the Jack Adams?), the Awards are usually a good time. You have P.K. Subban sans-script, and you'll have Rob Riggle to host, who you probably know as "that guy I saw somewhere once in something."

The preshow starts at 5:00 on the NHL Network, and the awards start at 6:00 Central on NBCSN. Enjoy the fluff.