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2015 NHL Draft, Day Two: The Blues Finally Do Something

Yesterday was a buzzkill. Let's see what today has in store.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The NHL Network is airing day two, so if you have that network, bully for you. is streaming it too, so if you want to watch, hop on over and stream.

The Blues didn't do much yesterday (ok, they did nothing). Why not?

Will today be different? Who knows. Here's the Blues' current order of drafting:

Round 2 - No. 56
Round 4 - No. 94 (from Edmonton)
Round 4 - No. 116
Round 5 - No. 127 (from New Jersey)
Round 5 - No. 146
Round 6 - No. 176

Check back for pick analysis and a recap from Brian, and if a trade actually goes down, keep your eyes on the site.