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Alex Semin On Waivers, Will Be Bought Out: Should The Blues Make A Play?

This one could be interesting.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

We already have had our question about the Blues going after Mike Richards answered, but today brought a couple more players waived for the purpose of being bought out. The Florida Panthers waived Brad Boyes for whatever reason - his play was fine and he wasn't super expensive. The Carolina Hurricanes waived Alexander Semin. This shouldn't come as much of a surprise: check out the drop off in stats after the coaching change from Kirk Muller to Bill Peters:

He's never going to reach that 40 goal season again, so don't dwell on his numbers with the Capitals. It's also not fair to look at his last season with the Hurricanes, in which God knows what happened. At the end of the season, people wanted him gone:

Alexander Semin said Monday his season was "tough." You want to talk about tough? Try watching Semin slouch around the ice night after night after night.

In lieu of starting a Kickstarter to pay for Semin’s buyout – even if enough people chipped in, the end result would still be writing a $14 million check to Peter Karmanos, and for that much, you might as well just buy the team from him – it’s up to the Carolina Hurricanes to cleanse themselves of their most disappointing, frustrating and infuriating player.

Ow. That's... that's bad. But so were the Carolina Hurricanes. Losing Jordan Staal to injury and goaltending issues mean that the whole terrible season wasn't Semin's fault. But he contributed. Was it an issue with meshing with Peters' coaching philosophy?

If yes, then how would Semin play here under Ken Hitchcock? If Hitch really is going to be #reckless next season (which I expect to last for about two weeks) and allow players to take risks, Semin could thrive. He also could be motivated by getting a chance to play with countryman Vladimir Tarasenko, though not on the same line. The narrative with Semin has been that he's a lazy player. If that is accurate, and he is lazy regardless of who he plays with and for, then no. The Blues don't need him.

If, however, he gets a spark, he's possibly good for 40 points a season. Those point totals came with him averaging nearly 20 minutes a night. Would he get that in St. Louis? Probably not. But (and this is a big but) if the Blues manage to deal Patrik Berglund, Semin could fit in with Paul Stastny and Dmitri Jaskin on the third line. That wouldn't be terrible.

I've hit the point with Berglund where I would be fine if he stays, considering he's done well as he has been utilized. Trading him will not get the Blues a NHL roster player, or if it does it probably won't get them one of Berglund's skill set. If, however, the Blues trade Berglund I wouldn't be crushed if Semin is added. And besides, as friend of GT ArtLippo pointed out: