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Beyond Checkerdome #89: Destination Anywhere

The latest podcast is up an ready for some more rosterbation

Please don't go, Ells !!
Please don't go, Ells !!
Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

How about that Stanley Cup Final, eh? What a series!

This week, we shift our conversation away from coaching and look more at the options for change on the Blues roster. One note from this week, though, is that another team asked about Hitch before he re-upped with St Louis. But enough about that: where might some of #OurBlues end up? We talk about the Ottawa option, and the Brian Elliott rumors. More than that, there's speculation running amok in the run up to the NHL Draft. We discuss which teams are more likely to be trade partners with the Blues. Also, the free agent market and who'll be available as cap casualties. We play "guess the contract" with the Vladimir Tarasenko negotiations. And then there's the cap itself - what will the NHLPA do with their escalator option? All this and more!

Give it a listen, eh?

For a download link, click HERE

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