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It's Time For The St. Louis Game Time Mail Bag!

It's the summer doldrums, but we're sure that you still have hockey questions.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

So, the Blues have done some stuff this off-season, some controversial, some not. They may be done doing stuff. Who knows? Prospect camp is done, training camp is a month and a half off, and the prospect tournaments are still being ironed out. What to discuss?

Whatever the hell you want to.

Welcome to the summer Game Time mailbag, in which you guys can tweet us any questions you might have about anything Blues related (or not Blues related, I suppose. I know CCR will be willing to answer beer questions for you). Hit us up at @stlouisgametime and tweet using the hashtag #GameTimeMailBag for easy searchability, and every Monday we'll answer your questions.

Serious questions? Not serious questions? Do you feel like trolling Blues fans and getting smart ass/defeatist responses back? Give us a shout. That's what we're here for, so ask away.