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A Ton Of Former Blues Are UFAs This Year

This shouldn't surprise anyone, but the list includes some notable guys.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

It is to be expected every off-season, that the UFA list includes some former Blues.This year, though, the list seems to be a little more interesting than others:

Brad Boyes, Lee Stempniak, Eric Brewer, B.J. Crombeen, Jordan Leopold, Brenden Morrow, Derek Roy, Bryce Salvador, and Mike Weaver. These are your bigger name former Blues UFAs.

Some of those guys, like Bryce Salvador and B.J. Crombeen, are fan favorites. Others, like Eric Brewer and Brad Boyes, are fan whipping boys (for good and poor reasons alike). Still others, like Jordan Leopold and Derek Roy, seem like they could be useful in some role on another team, but for the Blues they were clogging the pipeline and expendable. Brendan Morrow is old. Mike Weaver is old as well.

It seems like Lee Stempniak and Brad Boyes still have some gas left in the tank, and would be useful additions for a team; Boyes was recently bought out by the Panthers to the confusion of many, as his last contract was only $2,500,000 with a limited NTC according to General Fanager.

Some of these guys will wind up with a team, some of them won't. But, just to play around here, if the Blues were to offer a one-year deal to any of them (they won't, and there's no room on the roster right now for any of them, obviously), who would you like to see return and why?