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Blues Trade T.J. Oshie To Washington Capitals For Troy Brouwer, Pick, And Prospect

This may be the epitome of a "trade for trade's sake."

Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Everyone knew that T.J. Oshie was on the trade block. It was not a well kept secret. At all.

The deal that went down today was still a surprise.

Oshie got traded in an apples for apples deal for a goaltending prospect, a third round pick next year, and Troy Brouwer. The shootout specialist and playoff underperformer has been replaced by a former Blackhawks player who scored his first NHL point against the Blues. He also has a Stanley Cup under his belt, winning one in 2010 with the Hawks.

Brouwer's stats, especially the last three seasons, are comparable-ish to Oshie, although about 14 assists lower. Brouwer is, basically, your third-line right wing now. He brings grit (which is something I think that we can agree that the Blues *absolutely* need more of) while also commanding some skill. Brouwer had 43 points in 82 games, Oshie 55 points in 75 games. This is an offensive downgrade, but not by much. That's why the Blues wound up with goaltending prospect Phoenix Copley and a third round pick. Brouwer is also a UFA at the end of this season.

The reaction to Oshie being gone is probably not based on the fact that he was a massive point producer. It's partially to fans' overvaluation of the player - the Blues weren't going to get a top player back, and they weren't getting a high draft pick. But, because he was with the team for so long and - let's admit it, loved by the fans - fans would like more for the deal.

I get that. I too would've liked more for Oshie, but I completely expected an apples for apples trade strictly to shake up the core. That is what this is. Jackman gone, Oshie traded, no one is safe, yada yada yada.

Plan the damn parade.


I'm sure that most of you guys expected that, right?

Also expected.


Ok, this is something I don't get. If you have an asset that is "in demand," do you not set the price? Is this the best that they could do?