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Answers You Didn't Know You Needed: The Game Time Mailbag

You asked, we answered.

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Welcome to the first Game Time Mail Bag post. Remember, if you have questions that need to be answered (not burning ones, those need to go to a doctor), ask them on Twitter with the hashtag #GameTimeMailBag.

CCR: Great Question, Art. I'm actually pretty much "over" the power play dance hate, and the Louie hate as well. I think it's important to remember that it doesn't matter if I like it or not, because It's Not All About Me. If other people enjoy something that I don't ... it's OK.

That being said, if I had to pick one to eliminate, it'd be the Power Play Dance. While I understand the attraction to crowd participation, most people in the stands aren't even doing it right. It ain't for me, and I don't do it, but for fuck's sake - if you're going to do it, do it RIGHT dammit. Or, in this scenario, don't do it at all.

I'm good with Louie, though. I was kinda on the fence with him, but then he made a Super Troopers joke on twitter, and then I knew he was one of us.

CCR: Great Question, Harrison.  That's one that has plagued philosopher's minds for centuries. I'm not even certain that there IS a right answer to this. My pick, though, would have to be the "hundred duck-sized horses". The primary attack that a duck has is its beak, and there's no way in hell that I want to mess with the beak of a horse-sized duck. On the other hand, the most powerful part of a horse is its legs, and that would be greatly reduced if the horse is only the size of a duck. I've been kicked by a horse (true story), and its not a lot of fun.

I figure I could probably fight off the first 20 or 30 duck-sized horses with some kicks from my trusty steel-toed boots. If the swarm got me off my feet, I could still take at least that many with my bare hands. Heck, I'm 6'2 and (too much) over 200 pounds-- my fall alone could take out a handful of them. I like my odds.

CCR: Great Question Childhood Trauma, and I'll answer it with another question:  How much pot could Ott spot, if Ott could spot pot?

Donut King: This is something I've put a bit of thought into, because for some reason I've been intently looking at the Canadian dollar (AKA the "Loonie") and how it's been doing against the U.S. dollar (AKA 'MERICAN FLAG EMOJI) in recent times. And that American dollar, and the fact that Army has been very shrewd with contracts (despite his other misgivings with trades and whatnot), is what will help the Blues, despite the downfall of the Loonie.

Next season, it's going to be a bit tough. They've already re-upped Vladimir Tarasenko, thankfully. They'll have to re-sign Jaden Schwartz, and that'll cost a lot against the cap. You'll probably see a bridge deal with Dmitrij Jaskin, especially if he takes a step forward from last season. But a shit-ton of money's coming off the books in the form of the expiring contracts of David Backes, Carl Gunnarsson, Steve Ott (YAY!) and the newly-acquired Troy Brouwer, all of which may prove to be expendable or--at least--affordable.

As it stands at the moment, they have just over $52.5MM committed to six forwards, five defensemen and two goaltenders. Add in the Schwartz and Jaskin deals, and surely something will have to move to make it work (perhaps the massive $5.4MM AAV of Jay Bouwmeester, if he waives his NTC). They'll also have to rely on the youth--who, as we know, are on cheap contracts--to break through, if they don't already do so this year (and I kinda expect someone like Ty Rattie or Robby Fabbri to make noise). But they're not going to be nearly as bad off as a team like, say the Flyers (who are just totally fucked right now even without possible cap decreases). And with the Loonie doing poorly, that will only help the bottom line of the team's American ownership, so they shouldn't have much of a problem continuing to be a top-of-the-cap team to make it all work.

Short answer: While I'm definitely no longer worried about the 2015-16 cap, I'm mostly not concerned about what the Canadian dollar might do to the 2016-17 cap, at least as far as the Blues are concerned.

Donut King: My wife, ladies and gentlemen!

I'd put it pretty low, since it didn't happen the last time. Though it was close.