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Beyond Checkerdome #94: Pricey Free Agents

The latest episode is up and ready for an extension of our own ...

Gold Medal, Cup Winner, Richard Trophy, Hart Trophy .... and "I tied my skates all by myself"
Gold Medal, Cup Winner, Richard Trophy, Hart Trophy .... and "I tied my skates all by myself"
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Well well well, what a couple of weeks we've had. As the hockey news cycle dies down, we have a chance to look over the free agent signings over the past while. There are several new faces in new places, but some familiar ones as well. We're still giddy about the Blues signing Vladimir Tarasenko long-term. There are some questions about what is happening with the Blackhawks and the Stars this offseason. Some free agents were good value pickups, while others were just outright hilarious. We talk about the Super Schedule, and also some really good articles here on Game Time. Lastly, we talk about the OT changes for the upcoming season, and the chances for expansion soon. And of course... the usual tangents...

Give it a listen, eh?

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