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Say Hi To Game Time: RealBadRobot

In this summer series, we've decided to introduce the staff to you whether you like it or not. Today you get to learn a little bit about RealBadRobot AKA Ashley.

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We may or may not have borrowed this idea from our friends at Pension Plan Puppets. They said we owe them Pietrangelo in return. They will probably get Steve Ott instead.

Today, you get to know RealBadRobot. Gametime's Resident sometimes-link rat and video maker. When she actually has time away from making movies to do so.

The name is RealBadRobot, RBR or Ash for short. Oh and because it has come up in the past, I am a girl.

1. Why/how did you become a Blues fan?
Mostly family. I believe my aunt Lisa won tickets to a game when I was really young and she took my little sister to the game. Me being a very jealous sister demanded to watch the game on tv so that I would not be "left out". It was a game against the Mighty Ducks and I have no idea who won that game but I was hooked. We as a family started watching the games pretty religiously and I went to my first game when I was ten, which I still say was a game that saved my life. I love the Blues for many reasons but I give them a lot of credit for keeping me in the "Living" business, that is why I stay and why I love this sport so much.

2. How many years have you suffered?
16 if you count from my first game attendance, 20ish if you don't.

3. Favorite player/moment
My favorite player of all time was Al MacInnis. His slap shot was just so thrilling to the little me. Currently my favorite is David Backes.

My favorite memory of the Blues is still my first game. 4-3 win over the Flames. 4 fights and some Canadian with a Giant Flames flag was at the game that night. It was hilarious to watch his confidence falter with every goal.

4. How did you begin writing for Game Time?
I found Gametime after the Blues shut down their old Forums my sophomore year of college. I loved talking about hockey on the internet and needed an outlet after I left St. Louis for Chicago. I was pretty active in the Game day threads early on.

My first contribution as a "fanposter" was before the Canada/US Gold Medal game in 2010. I made a compilation video of David Backes moments using the Inglorious Bastards trailer audio.

I then reached out when links needed to be covered and was added as a writer then. I've since been a Wallpaper maker, video maker, link rat, and a recap writer. Its been a blast. One day I hope to have more time to do all of that again!

5. Are you an out of towner? How does this impact your fandom?
I have been an out of towner since I joined the site. I've lived in Chicago, Kansas City, and now I am in Los Angeles. Coming from a family of season ticket holders back in STL makes it difficult and sometimes disappointing to be so far away when I used to go to practically every home game as a kid. But I get over it pretty quickly now a days, and try to make at least one away game and one home game a year.

I also am a subscriber to the demonic GameCenter app. Luckily there arn't to many blackouts aside from nationally broadcast games because the Blues don't play the Kings or Ducks as often as Chicago. I also have several radio apps that I use to listen to the game if I am at work or driving.

6. Do you have other hobbies other than hockey?
I am currently an Assistant Editor in the film/tv world. One day I want to win an Emmy or an Oscar for Editing. I am basically a huge nerd. Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Musicals you name the nerdy thing, I probably like it. I am currently obsessed with "Jonathan Strange a& Mr. Norrell". Hockey is the only sport I can deal with. I am currently part of "The Cutaways Podcast". A friend of mine have been watching and reviewing RomComs on Netflix from Oldest to Newest which we have had a blast.

7. Favorite beer/beverage?
I am not a beer drinker. Never have liked the stuff, but I love cider. Pear Woodchuck Cider is my favorite.

8. What is the meaning of your Username?
The short version; In College a directing major said he only wanted an editor who would be robotic and just do what he said. In class I told him that he should never work with me then because I am a really bad robot as an editor. I used it as a username ever since.


9. How many more years do you think it'll be before the Blues win the Stanley Cup?
I honestly can't really fathom this question. The Blues literally broke my heart this year. I am still not really "over" the very quick departure from the playoffs this year.

That said if they can carry their regular season success into the playoffs it shouldn't be to much longer. I still am unsure if Hitchcock is the right coach for the job and do place a big chunk of the playoff shame on to him for not reverting back to what worked the entire regular season, till it was too late. But I think if he can evolve and change with the game, unlikely but possible, they have a shot at the cup. Who knows!?

10. Most important lesson learned as a Blues fan?
Never give up.
Life is always unfinished and there will always be things that you want but arn't ready for, but if you keep working hard you will one day get there. They taught me that a long time ago and I have an unfinished Bluenote tattoo to remind me of that fact daily. 
Just never give up and keep on skating.

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