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Beyond Checkerdome #93: Oshie-Goes

The latest podcast is up and saying its farewells

Ya know ... there are Blue Brouwer Ranger outfits available... just sayin'
Ya know ... there are Blue Brouwer Ranger outfits available... just sayin'
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that was a real hell of a week, eh? Obviously, the focus of the show is on free agency and the T.J. Oshie trade. We talk about the re-signing of a few players, and the new faces that we'll be seeing this year in a Blues uniform: Kyle Brodziak, Jordan Caron, and Peter Harrold (OK, maybe in a Wolves uniform) as well as Danny Kristo and Konrad Abeltshauser - the Big Fucking German! Then, of course, there's the big trade, Oshie for Troy Brouwer, Pheonix Copley and a third round pick. We also expand on our mutual disgust with the Bernie column about the Oshie trade. That, and an interesting thread that connects those 3 free agents.

Give it a listen, eh?

[ technical difficulties mean no embed. Sorry. Stream from the link below]

For a download link, click HERE

For the record, the comedian that was quoted was actually Bobcat Goldthwait, not Mitch Hedberg. Go Fig.

Hope you all enjoyed the podcast this week - we'll be starting our offseason every-other-week schedule through July and August and into September when training camp starts. It seems like forever now, but it'll get here sooner than you think.

In the meantime, let's keep in touch, OK? You can email us at BeyondCheckerdome AT G Mail DOT com, or of course hit us up on the twitternet at @ByndCheckerdome. Check out our beer selections on our Instagram page Beyond Checkerdome. You can also find us on iTunes, and we certainly encourage you to rate us and leave a review there.


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