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Blues Sign Vladimir Tarasenko To 8 Year, $60 Million Contract

It's a smart deal with an interesting salary structure.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Think back to a time when the Blues had a superstar forward. It's ok if you were a toddler when Brett Hull was around. It's ok if you were too little to really appreciate Pavol Demitra. It's fine, because your generation has Vladimir Tarasenko to call your own.

The Blues signed Tarasenko today to a long-term contract, for eight years and a $60 million value. It's bumping the Blues right up against the cap again this season, but that's perfectly ok, because Tarasenko is more than worth it.

The contract's an interesting one. Check out the dip:

What that takes into consideration is anyone's guess. What the contract in general takes into consideration are this year's numbers: 37 goals, 36 assists in 77 games played. Six playoff goals, including a hat trick. A hundred and thirty five points in 179 games played. And this:

The Blues may need to get a little creative with the cap in the future, if it doesn't rise much next season, considering Jaden Schwartz is due for a bit of a pay bump himself.

Tarasenko, like Pietrangelo before him, deserves this contract. Unlike the deal with Petro, this was done quickly and Tarasenko won't be missing any time in camp. Whether the Blues need to make any tweaks to balance out cap space is, right now, of secondary concern to fans. Enjoy this, and buy a Tarasenko jersey if you haven't already. It won't be outdated any time soon.