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Corporate Logos on Jerseys?

What's your opinion?

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Hildy wrote a great article here with some information I had yet to hear. The news of Adidas winning the NHL jerseys broke fast and I was quick to hear it. I took it with mixed feelings. I am a huge Adidas fan. I'm still rocking samba classics, and my choice in boxing shoes are Adidas 3 stripes as well. I love the idea that Adidas is getting a share of the pro market, as a company I like them more than Nike or Under Armour. I was short on cash almost all of this past season which stopped me from picking up one of the new Blues jerseys. I love the new design and currently my only jersey is a 3rds, since I really did not like the previous home and away design. With the announcement that new Adidas jerseys are coming but not here yet I'm pausing again on a jersey purchase. While it may be rare someday, I would rather not have purchase one only to see the Blues redesign more drastically than a logo change on the upper back. That being said, there was one part of the Hildy's article that made me slam on the brakes.

According to TSN corporate logos may be coming to the NHL. It is something that isn't uncommon in hockey, as many leagues in Europe do this. Currently the only professional sport that puts logos on their chests in the America is the MLS. In my opinion the only place for corporate logos in sports in America is NASCAR, which personally I don't consider a sport. The NHL has been gaining popularity in recent years. I personally think it is still gaining momentum and in order to break into true mainstream it must present itself as a true mainstream sport. Becoming more European will have the reverse effect. I can't imagine myself buying a Blues jersey where the note is replaced. Unless maybe it was this...

blues imos

What are your thoughts on corporate logos on NHL sweaters?