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The Blues' First Informal Skate Is A Bit Rusty

See, folks - people really do forget stuff over summer vacation.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Blues had their first informal skate today, and Robby Fabbri, Alex Pietrangelo, Troy Brouwer, and Petteri Lindbohm look like they've lost a little bit of their form.

Day 1 of Informal Skates. The coaches have their work cut out for them. #stlblues #OurBlues

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Ok, a lot of their form. No worries, though! The guys were just being good sports/giving unobservant fans heart attacks.

Get ready for #reckless, folks! I assume that if this is how the team approaches their offense this year, the other team will be so confused that the Blues are bound to win. Good gameplan, guys.