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UPDATE: Kane Meets With Investigators

The latest in the saga of Patrick Kane

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN released an article here detailing the latest in the saga of Patrick Kane. As we wrote earlier, Kane is being investigated for an alleged sexual assault of a female in his offseason home near Buffalo, New York. Investigators have kept this case close to their vests due to the high profile nature of their suspect and information has been slow to break. Neighbors had previously reported they witnessed investigators at Kane's home. ESPN now confirms that Kane has met in person with investigators. This investigation is being handled jointly between the Hamburg police and the Erie County DA's office. Hamburg contacted the DA requesting their assistance due to the high profile of the case. Kane was accompanied by his attorney Paul J. Cambria Jr. when he met with investigators according to reports.

What does this all mean? This could be a make or break point in the case. Up until now, we can only speculate, that the prosecutors only knew one side of the story. The search warrant previously executed would have been for physical evidence only. They most likely would not have interviewed Kane on that date. Kane now has the opportunity to present his side. Kane likely wrote or orated a statement of the events of that evening and possibly answered questions that the investigators were unable to obtain on physical evidence alone. Kane most likely rehearsed his answers and statement with his lawyer prior to this interview. This means that Kane most likely will not have given any information that would incriminate him in this case. While I again am only speculating, I can hazard a guess that the only other information the prosecutor could be waiting on would be the DNA evidence from a rape kit performed at a local hospital. This is if Kane disputes that sex occurred at all. If Kane admitted to the act, then the DNA evidence wouldn't be relevant, as all it would show is that it was Kane who committed the act. The prosecutor may wait for the DNA to come back even if its use would be minimal to the case, simply to have his ducks in a row before attacking such a high profile case.

This case has been slow moving from the start, and the entire paragraph above is speculation. This article will be updated with any new news that breaks on this case.