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Blues Training Camp Begins - We Need Your Help

Game Time is doing an all-call for camp photos, videos, and impressions.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday and Sunday's training camp sessions will be open to the general public. As in years past, Game Time is going to ask you all for a favor: if you attend camp and get some good shots, please send them our way. We would like to compile a gallery of training camp images for people who are out of town or unable to attend.

We'll also be taking any video you might snag, and we would love to compile some fan impressions of the team heading into this season.

If you would like anything featured on the site, please e-mail it to hildymacgt AT gmail DOT com, and I I will get it up here on the site. Thank you in advance, and let the fake season start so the real season gets here sooner.