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Game Time Fantasy Leagues Are GO

It's time for that annual tradition: seeing how many players on your fantasy team wind up on IR.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

NOTE: I am not in charge of the keeper league this year due to time constraints. If you have questions about it or are interested in joining, please hit Grant up on Twitter at @GrantSales.

Ok, gang - leagues have been renewed, and reminders to re-join leagues have been sent out. If you get a reminder, please renew your team by Wednesday, September 9th or else let me know through the league or as a post on here that you will not be joining us for another season.

Those of you who are interested, we have three leagues. Spots will be filled on a first post here, first serve basis.

I'll chat with each league individually about draft times. Typically we do a live, snake style draft. I'm going to try for some continuity of positions through the leagues this year. Each league has 16 teams maximum; each team will draft two of each forward position, four defensemen, two utility players, and two goalies, and will have five bench spots.

To check out the leagues, please follow the following links:

SLGT A League

SLGT B League

SLGT C League