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Game Time Help Wanted: We Need An Additional Link Rat

Do you like to read hockey news, random other things, and embed fun videos on a (near) daily basis? We have a gig for you.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Donut King and BluesMay will both be working on the morning links this season on game days, so no worries! The dynamic duo isn't going anywhere.

However, Game Time is in need of someone to compile the morning links on non-game days only. You will need to get the perspectives from media for each team participating in the Blues' last game (if applicable), round up any other Blues news for the day, and find some fun links and a video to wrap things up.

Here's an example of how the links look. They are awesome because of DK and BluesMay, but they are also awesome because of reader submissions, which will help you compile the links.

If you are interested, send a writing sample to hildymacgt AT gmail DOT com.