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2016 NHL All Star Game

All Star Game Made For An Unforgettable Weekend

John Scott, the gentlemen from On the Forecheck, and the city of Nashville created lasting memories and a weekend it'll take a week to recover from.

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NHL Names John Scott First Star Of The Week

I mean, how can they not? Seriously, though, a quick scroll through their Twitter feed is nothing but Scott, which is great until you realize the convoluted process that the League took to prevent him from being in the league. The NHL fell into the feel good story of the year despite themselves, and now they're pushing it - if this league didn't have dumb luck, it wouldn't have any at all.

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St. Louis tied for 3rd* in ASG broadcast

This little mid-market of a town tuned in to watch some really fun hockey Sunday night. How about that?!? Now, if only someone at the NHL front office would take notice of this.

2016 NHL All Star Game Skills Competition Recap: East's Skills Pay The Bills...

But Shea Weber can shoot a puck REALLY hard.

Fans Vote Scott MVP, Save All Star Game

John Scott wasn't an option for MVP until he was the only option.

2016 NHL All Star Game: Central vs. Pacific

In which Vladimir Tarasenko scores ALL THE GOALS. No, kidding. But he got two assists.

2016 NHL All Star Game Gameday Thread

How many goals will Vladimir Tarasenko score? Will the three on three format work? Will anyone playing take this thing seriously?

Thoughts From The NHL All Star Skills Competition

Goofy fun, boos, not nearly enough Tarasenko, and John Scott.

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Jake Allen Has A Suggestion

Wearing some bulletproof gear when you play the Preds probably is something every goalie in the league can get behind.

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Patrick Kane Boo'd During Intros, John Scott Laughs At It

I think that this has been my favorite part of the weekend so far, and only adds to the Legend of John Scott.

LA Kings Awarded 2017 All Star Game For 50th Anniversary

The other 1967 expansion teams weren't mentioned during today's reveal.

2016 NHL All Star Skills Comp Game Day Thread

Will Vladimir Tarasenko shine in the relay and the shootout? Come on. Of course he will.

This stream has:

2016 NHL All Star Game Storystream

Rosters, skills competition assignments, GDTs, you name it, it is right here.

2016 NHL All Star Game Skills Competition Rosters

The full rosters for Saturday's special skills competition event.

John Scott deserved better from Bettman and NHL

On Sunday, I'll be rooting for John Scott to get revenge on a league that tried to disgrace him.

Game Time At The 2016 NHL All Star Game

Do you have a question for Vladimir Tarasenko?