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Don't trade Robby Fabbri for Jonathan Drouin

If it's a straight up deal, this trade would be a mistake by Doug Armstrong and hamstring the Blues.

Look at me coach, I'm ready to play!
Look at me coach, I'm ready to play!
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Please don't trade Robby Fabbri for Jonathan Drouin, Doug Armstrong.

Times are tough. The St. Louis Blues are struggling, having lost five of their past 6 games and getting pounded with injuries, but make a smart trade. Don't just see a new young face and think when the wrapping comes off the prize and batteries are inserted, the product will work better than what you already have. Let's take a look, shall we?

Fabrri is 19 years old and was taken 21st overall in the 2014 draft.

Drouin is 20 years old and was taken 3rd overall by the Tampa Bay Lightning in the 2014 draft.

In 70 games in 2014-16, Drouin contributed 4 goals and 28 assists for the Lightning. He only has two goals and six assists in 19 games this season, currently logging minutes in the AHL.

Fabbri is quietly having a breakout season for the Blues. In 39 games, Fabbri has 10 goals and 4 assists while getting 2nd and 3rd line minutes. He hasn't even gotten close to his ceiling and has a coach who isn't letting him unleash his full potential. In other words, Ken Hitchcock lets Patrik Berglund and Magnus Paajarvi get overtime 3 on 3 time instead of Fabbri, someone with raw skill and an ability to score.

Fabbri has scored at every level. From 2009-12 and over 220 games in the GTHL youth hockey league, Fabbri scored 186 goals. He scored 80 goals in 147 games in the OHL before spending just three games with the Chicago Wolves last year and netting four points.

To be fair, Drouin has as well and fared better in the junior hockey league than Fabbri. Drouin tallied 241 points in 128 games playing for Halifax in the QMJHL while Fabbri posted 171 points in 141 games in the OHL. However, can Drouin's dominance in the juniors truly make the transition to the NHL?

Due to injuries, namely to Jaden Schwartz, Fabbri was given a shot this year and has played very well. He's got speed, timing, patience and a good shot to round out the skill set. He doesn't waste scoring chances. Like Schwartz, he uses 180 pounds and 5 foot 10 inch frame to create scoring chances on the ice. He's a fun kid to watch. So why trade that for an enigmatic 20 year old who hasn't thrived in over twice the number of games at the NHL level?

With no offense to Drouin(I am one of those people who don't get Tampa games), I don't see more upside in his talents over Fabbri's. Considering Hitch will more than likely play Drouin on the same line as Fabbri if not lower, the impact will not be any greater and maybe less. Fabbri has scored his entire career. Everywhere. Drouin has as well but not as prolifically.

Sure, Drouin had a good preseason but so did a lot of players who currently reside in the AHL. Sports Net states he is showcasing himself well in the AHL league. Great. Fabbri is showcasing himself quite well in the NHL.

In due time, Fabbri could be sharing a spot with Vladimir Tarasenko on the top line. He could become a fine piece in the St. Louis Blues organization. Let's hold onto that instead of giving it away for something questionable.

Only make a trade if it is an upgrade and here it is not. There isn't enough evidence to support it. Trading Kevin Shattenkirk for Drouin and some other lower depth guy is insane(and should involve more). Trading Fabbri for Drouin just isn't smart.

Amirite? Fire Hitch your thoughts at me below and thanks for reading.