Thank you Mr. Stillman

First off, let me say that Stan Kroenke is the worst kind of owner. He views owning a professional sports team as a business. He does not care about the fans, the city, or even his players. He sees his teams as nothing more than ATM machines. He has no interest in the sports themselves, only the maximum amount of revenue they can generate. He has no compassion for season ticket holders who spend their hard earned money each year to support his teams. In fact, during last week's events, it became quite obvious that Stan only cares about one thing, himself. Mr Stillman, on the other hand, may very well be the best owner in major league sports. And I would like to take this time to say thank you.

When the Blues came up for sale in 2012 there was a lot of worrying by it's fan base. Who is going to buy our team? Are they going to move? Are we ever going to win a championship? While the rest of us where asking each other these questions Mr Stillman and the ownership group he put together were taking action. He was determined to keep this team in St Louis and to roster a squad that the fan base could be proud of. For the uneducated individual this doesn't seem like that big of risk. You buy an established team and then sit back and start cashing checks. Good freaking luck. Mr Stillman purchased a mid-market team that had a less than impressive long term T.V. contract and a bad concession deal. On top of all that, he saw his first year revenue reduced by half because of a 40 game lockout. That would have been enough for any business man to slam on the brakes harder than Kroenke passing a toupee shop. But when it comes to the Blues, Mr Stillman is determined to keep his foot on the gas. He has spent to the cap every year he has owned this team. He allows Armstrong to make trade after trade to try and find the missing piece of the puzzle. Mr Stillman has decided that if this team never wins a cup it will not be for a lack of throwing money at it. How many professional sports owners can you name that are that dedicated to their team?

I have never had the pleasure of meeting Mr Stillman but I'm certain that if I hang around Scott Trade Center long enough, I will run into him. There are not very many owners who would dare be seen walking around their own stadium before a game. Most are too busy making the hike up to their penthouse suite to rub elbows with their celebrity guests, most of whom could care less about the game they are about to watch. Not Mr Stillman. You'll catch him wandering through the concourse or hanging out in the merchandise shop. He'll be more than happy to shake your hand or take a picture with you, just ask him. Regardless of how you feel about this team, everyone can appreciate an owner that is willing to take the time to hang out with the people who are supporting their franchise.

Thank you Mr Stillman for being you. Thank you for being an owner we can be proud of. Thank you for spending your hard earned money to keep this team were it belongs. Thank you for making me feel like my opinion as a fan really matters. Thank you for taking last years playoff loss just as hard as the rest of us. I can't believe I have to say this but thank you for keeping your promise to this city and being a man of your word. Thank you for the emotional, as well as financial, investment you continue to make to this franchise. But most of all, Mr Stillman, thank you for not being Stan Kroenke.

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