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Blues Owner Tom Stillman On St. Louis: "I Guess I Don't Understand Wanting To Be Anywhere Else"

The Blues' owner understands what it means to be a good corporate citizen.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Despite the Blues' flaws on the ice and, according to some, behind the bench and beyond, it's hard to claim that their owner doesn't care. The Blues' owner, Tom Stillman, offered words of support to St. Louis on the loss of the Rams, and it stands in stark contract to what the Rams' owner, Stan Kroenke, had to say before the team was officially relocated yesterday.

From the Post-Dispatch and Jeremy Rutherford:

"We love St. Louis," Stillman said. "We know that it's a tremendous place to live, to work, to raise a family and to be a sports fan. We also think it is a great place for a home of a sports franchise, mainly because the fans and other supporters are so loyal and dedicated and classy. I guess I don't understand wanting to be anywhere else, no matter how big the market or the untold riches that might await. This is where we want to be."

Stillman and his team have been good stewards of the Blues and their relationship to St. Louis. They have been receptive to fans from day one - hell, he showed up at Game Time's birthday party. The Blues are active participants in St. Louis and the community, more so than the perfunctory-ness of the Rams. Stillman is a fan of the team who is invested in their success in more than a monetary capacity.

Stan couldn't even be bothered to attend a game, let alone speak to the press as much as Stillman has during both his tenure as owner and minority investor.

The Blues aren't perfect, but at least we know they're not headed to Saskatoon any time soon. They benefit from the loss of the Rams, certainly, but it shouldn't upset anyone to see the Blues benefit. They've been a part of this city's fabric for nearly fifty years, and they're a lot closer to rewarding fans for patience than the Rams ever were after the Greatest Show on Turf ended.