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Blues puck drop tonight could be STL owners united

Get your asses down to Scottrade. The Blues are planning a special puck drop tonight. Tom Stillman of course but who else.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

In case you have crawled under a rock with terrible whiskey since Lady Gaga won a Golden Globe on Sunday, you should know the Rams left St. Louis. No post it note. No furniture. And apparently, the championship banner from 1999 is already being taken down so the Ed Dome can be turned into a giant Bingo tournament extravaganza. Anyway, tonight the St. Louis Blues are planning a special puck drop before their game against the Carolina Panthers Hurricanes and it should be a special event.

Majority owner Tom Stillman dropping a biscuit on the ice is a no brainer. He reaffirmed his awesome sauce credibility when he talked about having no need to run out of town for more money or anything else. He is right where he needs to be and that is turning the Blues into a championship team, reckless gumption carrying passengers be damned.

So Stillman standing near mid ice over David Backes and Eric Staal is going to happen. Who joins him?

Bill DeWitt Jr. would be a good bet. It would show a unified front in this sports town, voted #1 by the Wall Street Journal last week. It would show that, intimidated or not, Stan Kroenke left a good party when he chose the beaches in LA over the crispy chilly cold Arch. It would only be better if DeWitt Jr. and Stillman wore "We Hate Toupees and Shitty Excuse" t-shirts under their suit jackets.

Who else? Francis Slay fired a few shots at Kroenke in the aftermath of the shitty relocation packet and the eventual move. However, his slow start to the whole stadium plan process may cause him to, as my good hockey friend Art Lippo said, "get bent". I can't argue with that. More of an honorable mention anyway.

Dave Peacock did a lot of good work in St. Louis in putting together a great Riverfront Stadium plan. How about him?

How about Kurt Warner and Issac Bruce? Two legendary Rams who shared the Greatest Show on Turf in St. Louis and didn't like the departure of the Rams. Now that would be bold goodness.

It could just be the returning goaltenders like Curtis Joseph, Mike Lieut and Grant Fuhr. Maybe.

Whatever it is, fans should fill the house tonight and take part. Forget the past. Breathe in the future and right now, that's Blues hockey. Do it for me. I will be about 12 hours away from landing in St. Louis.