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Sunday Open Bar: Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting

Blues steal 2 points, Elliott steals the show and the NHL steals a once in a lifetime opportunity from one of their players,

Pictured: 90% of the effort from Saturday's fiasco.
Pictured: 90% of the effort from Saturday's fiasco.
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Pretty much every Blue who isn't named Brian Elliott looked like steaming crap in a game the Blues somehow won last night in spite of a record-setting-ly bad defensive effort. [STLGT]

In other news, the NHL sent a pretty disgusting message about what they are willing to do to get their way.   Clearly butthurt by the fact that John Scott was voted into the All-Star game, they asked him top delcine.  A couple of times.  He declined to decline because he thought it would be fun and because his kids wanted to see him play. Then the Montreal Canadiens trade for Scott and promptly demoted him, declaring that they will not recall him before the game thus rendering him ineligible.

Ok NHL, you win.

You made a part-time NHL player uproot his young family and pregnant wife to teach him and the fans a lesson.

That lesson being, you guys are petulant, scummy shitbags undeserving of our money or our time.



Here is a good story on the shitty situation.[SBN]

Read and discuss it, trade rumors, injuries or shitty play.

Have a good Sunday.