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Blues Vs. Avalanche Recap: This Is Somehow Stan's Fault.

Clock stops working...Stan wants to move team to Vegas or L.A. or you get the idea.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Blues Lineup:

Your forward lines tonight would look similar to what they rolled out in Detroit. Steen, Stastny, Brouwer... Fabbri, Lehtera, Tarasenko...Berglund, Backes Rattie, and Jaskin, Brozdiak, Reaves. Your D-pairings (Yes pairings, the Blues did dress six d-men tonight) Pietrangelo, Bouwmeester...Shattenkirk, Gunnarson, and Edmundson, Parayko. Your starter in goal tonight would be Brian Elliott.

First period:

Colorado would try and jump on the Blues early tonight, but Elliott would have nothing of it. This would be the theme of the night.

Today would be Robby Fabbri's 20th birthday. He would get a breakaway chance. Needless to say, Varlomov didn't care about either of those things.


The Blues had another decent chance late in the period. Patrik Berglund had a decent game tonight. He couldn't get one past Varlomov though on this decent scoring chance off of a rebound.

Scary moment with about three minutes to go as Ells had some friendly fire. Edmundson's stick would nail Elliott right in the face. He would brush it off though. With that, the Blues and Avs would be tied 0-0 after one. Shots were 10-8 Blues.

Second period:

Brian Elliott goes back to doing Brian Elliott things as he denies the Avs on an early chance early on in the second.

Petrangelo looking like he's going to find something here fans on a really good chance.

Ty Rattie is playing like he does not want to go back to Chicago. (Who could blame him because yeah, it's Chicago) The goalie show would continue though as Varlamov would deny his chance.

The Blues would score a second period goal. No, that is not a typo. It wasn't the prettiest of goals but Alexander Steen wouldn't complain and neiter would I. Shoutout to Troy Brouwer for the midair interception of the puck to get it to Steen in the first place.

Steener gets goal number 15 of the year. The aforementioned Brouwer(11) gets the assist on the play and it was 1-0 good guys after two. The Blues would be outshot by the Avs 13-12 in the second. Of note, the clock stopped working in the second and somehow the Avs got a couple extra seconds at the end of the period. (If you actually count when the announcer says 15 seconds left in the period, it was more like 18 seconds) Also of note, Pietrangelo would take a shot low and leave the ice for the rest of the period...He would come back for the third.

Third period:

Vladimir Tarasenko really looked like he was going to put one in the net at some point tonight. His best chance would come early on in the third period, His "buddy" Varlomov would notch the save though.

Colorado would score so it would seem, but as soon as the puck was speared into the net, it was waived off.

Later on in the period Elliott would absolutely rob Tanguay.

Despite the clinic that Elliott was putting on tonight, the Avs would finally get the equalizer past him for the tie VERY late in the third.

1-1 after three with Colorado outshooting the Blues 16-11 in the third. Parayko also left the ice for a period of time, but he would also come back. (I will spare you the pics of why he was off, but check out Twitter if you really want to see those pictures.)


The Blues would have a 2-1 chance but Varlamov would not have any of that noise.

The Blues would also commit a penalty in OT but Ells and company would stand tall and get it to the skills portion of the competition in which Troy Brouwer would somehow comeout THIRD to shoot...shocker that it didn't workout. More so after this...

Here's Brouwer's chance anyway.

The Blues fall to the Avs 2-1. Kroenke still sucks though. They take on the Blackhawks Sunday though. Hashtag what NFL games?

Three Stars:

Third Star: Nathan McKinnon (1 goal, Proves it's easy to hit an empty net.)

Second Star: Brian Elliott (1 goal allowed, 40 saves, joining Tarasenko in running for how many games can I carry team on my back award)

First Star: Semyon Varlamov (1 goal allowed, 33 saves. Thinks Walmart is the greatest store ever.)