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Monday Links: Players who don't do anything

Bad Blues, funny ducks, rhetorical questions, political ice cream and more...

This is what it feels like to be Brian Elliott
This is what it feels like to be Brian Elliott
Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

What I lack in timeliness, I make up for in quality.  It's what I tell my wife, anyway.

Blues News:

  • The Blues play 20 minutes of hockey against the top team in the central and SURPRISE, they don't win. Justin42 has a replay of the shitshow. [STLGT]
  • Corey Crawford has as many shutouts this season as he had in the past previous 3 seasons combined.  At least the Blues made him work for it...for 20 minutes. [SCH]
  • The only Blue to play worth a damn this week was rewarded with the NHL's 3rd star...a nice conciliation prize for not being rewarded with goal support from his teammates. [NHL]
  • Someone on the Bleacher Report panel must have a hard-on for the Blues.  We sit pretty damn high in the power rankings AGAIN this week. [BR]
  • Gordo at the SLTPD thinks the Blues shouldn't panic yet, because Jaden Schwartz will be returning soon and will solve all of our problems. [STLPD]
  • Should the Blues look into trading for Dustin Byfuglien?  I don't think it will happen for a myriad of reasons, but I would take their DB for our DB (David Backes) straight up any day. Buffa digs deeper. [STLGT]
  • How good are the Blues without Jake Allen?  Well, we suck.  But it has nothing to do with Allen or Elliott. [SportsQuotient]
  • Rank the Blues time. For what it's worth, I give everyone other than Elliott and Scott Upshall (lead the Blues in shots and generated a bunch of scoring chances, in only 9 minues of playing time) a minus. 
  • Famous Hockey Players

Hockey News:

  • 5 games on the schedule for yesterday.  4 of them got played.  1 of them got played partially by the Blues. [NHL]
  • 6 games tonight. [NHL]
  • (over)hyped rookie sensation Connor McDavid returns to action,  He will do a tour of duty in the AHL to get his sea legs.  That will be fun to watch. [BR]
  • That Artemi Panarin kid is good at hockey.  Word on the street is that Vladimir Tarasenko knows him, and lobbied the Blues to sign him last summer.  Methinks if we had, we might not have some of our scoring issues.  I say, make Vlad the GM and Captain. [NBC]

Other Shite:

  • Coolest childhood pet...a protective duck. [Bored Panda]
  • "Your door was open. I put my balls on EVERYTHING" and other fun notes left by strangers. [College Humor]
  • I don't know about you, but I prefer my ice cream sans the political bullshit. But, for those of you who disagree, the hippies at Ben & Jerry's have a Bernie Sanders flavored ice cream,  Everything about it is wrong.  Read this article, then go buy some good ole fashioned, Midwestern-made Edy's Grand ice cream like a real American. [Distractify]
  • In the name of self-hatred, your beer of the day is Lagunitas Sucks.  It has a decent flavor but is ruined by a terrible after-taste.  Drink it.  It is the beer you deserve. [Untappd]

Song of the day:

At least these guys are honest about not living up to their titles: