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Game Time At The 2016 NHL All Star Game

Do you have a question for Vladimir Tarasenko?

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Against SB Nation's best judgement (probably), Game Time will be headed to the All Star Game in Nashville this weekend. Starting Friday, I'll be tweeting scathing commentary on country music "stars" that I have never heard of before and wondering how Big & Rich's cowboy-riding service is going. I, along with some of the network's other blogs, have been fortunate enough to have been granted press access to the events as well.

While we haven't completely been notified of what any of that entails, I'll go out on a limb and assume that part of it is chatting with players about the experience. I am a horrible interviewer. I freely admit that. Whatever questions I will come up with probably will, more than likely, elicit the standard de-programmed hockey player response.

But *your* questions? Those, I am sure, will be much different.

If you would like to ask Vladdy a question, please post it in the comments. Keep in mind, there's some degree of professionalism expected from all of us. Just saying.