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Blues take the fight to cancer every single day

The latest showing of class and good will from the organization in the fight against the world's biggest bastard should put a smile on the most cynical person's face.

The fight is 24/7 real
The fight is 24/7 real
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Cancer sucks. It's taken from all of us. The fight against it is endless and exhausting. A lot of good people have been taken way too fucking soon because of the severity of this disease. Whether it's the wording of "Stage 4" or "malignant" inside a sentence that shatters people or destroys their lives, cancer is a bastard. So every time it can be defeated or held off for a decent period of time, a little celebration is in order.

Today, The Blues tweeted out a video celebrating a local cancer survivor's defeat of cancer. Young Colin gets to play some hockey after kicking cancer's ass all over the rink. Check it out.

If that doesn't put a smile on your face or lift your own day up a bit, go eat some brick.

The Blues don't stop there. In honoring their former player Doug Wickenheiser, the team has a 14 Fund as the platform for their cancer care and community initiatives. They had a hockey night earlier in the season and have several fundraisers set up throughout the year to attack this terrible disease.

I wear dual bracelets every day, sleep and shower included, to support the fight against cancer. I have bought Stand Up to Cancer shirts and three of Jason Motte's "K Cancer" shirts. Any chance I get to help, I do it. I lost a dear friend, Troy Siade, at the tender young age of 39 to Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma 11 years ago. I've lost co-workers to the disease.

Last week, my good friend Art Lippo posted about saluting his late great friend Adam Cheung, who passed away from cancer in 2015. Cheung played played some hockey on the side while he fought cancer like a boss.

Every time I hear about cancer, I feel like doing something to prove that being alive is quite a special thing. Something to salute the millions that have seen their bright mornings cut short due to something out of their control. When I hear about a cancer survivor, young or old, it just makes me happy. I don't need to tell you why. It's there. Fighting cancer is a 24/7/365 battle. Roar Bacon all the time! Any win needs to be celebrated.

Sorry if this post didn't include a trade rumor, a David Backes assessment, a Corsi rating, or a Vladimir Tarasenko goal scoring video. Sometimes, it's important to point out the great work the organization does off the ice to inspire young men and women to fight for their lives.