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Blues aka "Good Guys" help out six year old victim of burglary

When Gavin Shade had his hockey gear stolen, the Blues stepped in and helped cheer him up with a care package.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

No one likes thieves, especially ones who steal a six year old hockey player's gear while he shops with his mother in a mall. Thank goodness the St. Louis Blues are in the "good guy" business.

Gavin Shade, an Oklahoma native, had two full sets of gear stolen from his mother's truck earlier this month. Police reported that the kid lost 2,000 dollars in gear. What a jackass! Hockey gear isn't cheap. First thing Gavin told his mom when he saw the gear was gone was, "I can't play hockey anymore." Well, the police caught the thief, but most of the gear was gone. The parents set up a Go Fund Me account and were able to replace most of the gear but a certain hockey team also pitched in.

Stastny and the Blues sent the kid the gear along with an autographed jersey that read, "Sorry to hear about the bad guys, here is something from the good guys." If that doesn't make you feel good for a little while, I am not sure what will.

Human interest stories don't add points onto the standings or lead to more goals, but as the All Star Break rolls in, a good deed is always welcome to see from players who didn't have to do a damn thing. Just a cool thing to see.

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Thieves out there, the next time you choose to steal gear, don't pull it off a six year old kid. That's bush league, even for a two bit thief. Hope this guy gets a fistfull of dollars in jail.

Stick tap to John Miks, whose kid plays with Gavin on the hockey team, and his great Facebook post.

When he got the new gear and the goods from the Blues, Shade's words were pure mint. What does he want to do?

"I just like blocking shots and scoring goals." Rock on, Gavin.

Remember this name in about 12 years.