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2016 NHL All Star Skills Competition Game Day Thread

Will Vladimir Tarasenko shine in the relay and the shootout? Come on. Of course he will.

Russell LaBounty-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight's skills competition promises to be an entertaining affair - they traditionally are. To be honest, with the recent exception of the fantasy draft on Friday night (RIP, fantasy draft), the skills competition is the most fun and fan friendly part of the All Star Weekend. The game is usually a shinny game that's fun if you temper your expectations a tad, but the skills competition, well, that's where you get to see the players have fun and play to their strengths.

Buffa's got your rosters and your preview ready to go. Vladimir Tarasenko will be participating in three events: he'll be a passer for the accuracy competition, he'll be a left handed one-time shot in the relay, and he (along with everyone else) will be participating in the shootout.

This is your skills comp day thread. Flip it on starting at 6:00 on NBCSN, and follow along here in the comments section and on Game Time for updates from the event, where I will be attempting to not get press box vertigo.