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Thoughts From The NHL All Star Skills Competition

Goofy fun, boos, not nearly enough Tarasenko, and John Scott.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Some quick observations from tonight. A full recap'll be up a bit later on.

  • Hockey arenas are cold. I know it's tempting to not bring a jacket with you when it's close to 70 degrees outside during the day, but you should really bring a jacket with you. And wear thicker socks.
  • Turning entire sections into a makeshift pressbox was pretty brilliant on the part of the Predators. Their pressbox isn't large, so to accomodate the huge number of people there, they had to get creative. Well done.
  • Dylan Larkin is absurdly fast. Even if he didn't set the new fastest skater record, I would still be writing this.

Dylan Larkin

Fun fact - he never stopped - he just blew past his bench and kept on going.

  • Patrick Kane is the NHL's version of fetch. Stop trying to make it happen.
  • Don't get between Shea Weber's shot an the net unless you are a trained professional - or maybe even if you are a trained professional. Weber Hardest Shot
  • The skills competition needed significantly more Vladimir Tarasenko.
  • For every one of you who thinks hockey players are completely devoid of any and all personality, I submit Exhibit A:

Subban Jagr

And Exhibit B:


  • John Scott getting selected to this game was the greatest thing that's happened to the ASG since the fantasy draft.
  • The Western Conference didn't look like they were trying very hard. Do they not realize that this doesn't matter?
  • It's enjoyable watching guys who usually give each other their all just having fun, which is the allure of the Skills Competition. It should be the allure of the game as well, but for some reason, fans seem to expect more. You won't get good hockey tomorrow. Accept that, and enjoy it.
  • Nashville's a tremendous city, but I think everyone who has been there knows that already.