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Fans Vote John Scott MVP, Save All Star Game From Awkward Finish

John Scott wasn't an option for MVP until he was the only option.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

John Scott has been the story of this year's All Star Game. To be honest, he's been the only story. From the scandal of the trade to Montreal, to burying him in the AHL, to asking if his daughters'd be proud, Scott has stubbornly clung to playing in the game that the fans - via cosmic joke or not - voted him into.

Scott was elected Pacific Division captain by a fan vote, just as a lark. That lark scored two goals tonight, made Jeremy Roenick look like an idiot (though, to his credit, JR owned it), and had to suffer being called the hole on the "Doughnut Line" by Mike Milbury.

He also scored two goals, two genuine, non-gimmie goals while leading the Pacific to an unexpected 9-6 win over the Central Division. At the end of the game, when it came time for the fan MVP vote, the options were... Johnny Gaudreau, Taylor Hall, and Roberto Luongo.

Fans were not happy.

Boos rained down inside Bridgestone Arena. Fans chanted "MVP! MVP" every time Scott touched the puck.

It looked like the NHL had taken all of the good will directed at Scott - that they gladly played off of and took advantage of - and wasted one of the best endings possible to a fairy tale that was perfect.

Twitter was pissed.

#VoteMVPScott practically exploded instantly. It was a purely visceral response to the league screwing Scott over one final time, and the fans very loudly showed the NHL that for once, common sense and just doing the good thing, well, it needed to be done.

And it was.

Just like being voted into the game to begin with, John Scott was voted the MVP of the All Star Game via a write-in vote.

The fans turned a cosmic joke into righting a cosmic injustice.