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Beyond Checkerdome #113: Gomez Gone, Berglund's Back

The latest podcast episode is up and still trying to fit in

Baby Parm? Medium-Sized Ball of Hate?
Baby Parm? Medium-Sized Ball of Hate?
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it's a new year, but I wouldn't characterize the Blues fanbase has "happy" just yet. This week is a little long because we were a little rant-happy this time around. There are some terrific stories behind the #13, even reaching up to the current roster. Also, a week's worth a games that left us a might uneasy. Along the way, we talk about Coach Hitch, other coaches on the hot seat, player usage (looking at you, Troy Brouwer ), and on-ice discipline.  Crack open a cold one, serve up some Chicken Parm, and...

Give it a listen, eh?

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