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Get in Shape with the Blues

Here’s something to do instead of drinking during a Blues game....or while drinking during a Blues game. (NOTE: Do not attempt this on a #ShotsForGoals Night.)

NHL: Preseason-St. Louis Blues at Washington Capitals
Violently Assisted Superman
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

How will the Blues do this season? Well that’s something we don’t know yet, but during the season we can get in shape while the Blues win or lose.

  • Blues Goal - 20 Jumping Jacks

-SHG - 30 Jumping Jacks

  • Opponent Goal - 5 Burpees

- SHG- 10 Burpees

  • Blues Penalty - 10 Lunges
  • Blues Power Play - 10 crunches
  • 4-on-4 - 5 Jump Squats
  • Fight - 20 Squats
  • Play under review - jog in place for duration.
  • Shootouts - Flutter kicks during the players skate to the net.
  • Blues win - Bicep curls with 12 0z bottles.
  • Blues lose - Bicep curls with 2 oz glasses.


Any other in-game events that need a workout? Leave them in the comments.