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Blues At Blackhawks NBC Wednesday Night Rivalry: How To Watch, Live Stream

Say you’re not at the United Center tonight. Or at home.

So, you’d like to watch the game, but you didn’t feel like spending $200 and the cost of a trip to Chicago. You’re not at home, but you’re not at Ballpark Village for the Blues’ Ice Breaker. How to watch?

NBC Sports has brought back their Live Extra stream for this season’s NBC and NBCSN games. If you download the app, and are a cable/satellite subscriber then ta da. Blues hockey at 7:00. It’s available on both Google Play and the Apple App Store.

If you have a laptop near you, you can view the game at NBC’s Live Extra site here. Again, you should be a cable or satellite subscriber for access.

If you like to go old school, Kerbs and Chase will be broadcasting on 1120 KMOX, and it can be streamed from their website or the Blues’.