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The Road Is Long

Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love the East Coast.

As the Blues kick off their 50th anniversary season tonight, Game Time is incredibly excited to have the opportunity to expand our coverage of the rest of the NHL in a way we never have before. The eyes of the league will be on St. Louis in January, and so it’s important for us to return the favor. Make eye contact. You know, look at stuff.

The masterful production of shows like 24/7 has led to extremely memorable moments in NHL coverage, such as these, courtesy of HBO and Puck Daddy (some NSFW language):

While the production quality won’t be quite as high and there will sadly be a distinct lack of Bryz, Game Time is thrilled to be able to present a series of features covering life on the road for each of the 30 NHL teams. You’re encouraged to submit the burning questions you’ve always had via Twitter (@jmjones), email (, or comments here. Be sure to look for those features both on the blog and in your copies of Game Time.

If Carter Hutton turns out to have interesting opinions on dog breeds or theoretical physics, you can be sure that we’ll be all over it.