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St. Louis Blues At Edmonton Oilers Morning Open Thread: Can Connor McDavid Be Contained?

The Oilers have the youngest captain in the league. Can Sidney Crosby's successor be held off of the scoreboard tonight?

Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Connor McDavid is pretty good at this hockey stuff. He has three goals in four games, including two against the Calgary Flames on opening night. So far, the Oilers are off to a good start on the season, going 3-1-0. It's early still, obviously, but there's a lot of hope in Edmonton that this is the season where the Oilers finally turn the corner. Of course, this is also a season where the front office has ditched two first overall draft picks in Taylor Hall and Nail Yakupov.

Speaking of Nail Yakupov, he's been thriving in St. Louis. He's been eased into the lineup over the Blues' first four games, playing 13:30 in the Blues' overtime loss to the Vancouver Canucks. This is his first chance to see the Oilers after the trade; let's hope that he makes them regret their decision.

This is your morning open thread. Check back later for a preview from JMill and various and sundry sundries. While you're waiting for the really late puck drop, head over to our friends at The Copper & Blue and see what their predictions are for this season and tonight's game.