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St. Louis Blues At Calgary Flames Morning Open Thread: Moose Is Loose

Brian Elliott may be regretting his decision to request a trade.

Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

Brian Elliott was shipped off to the Calgary Flames at the NHL Draft this summer. Ells wanted an opportunity to be the official starter for a team, not the 1A to Jake Allen's 1B. It's understandable why he'd want to find a situation where he was the guy.

I'm sure that he didn't envision what's going on with the Calgary Flames.

The Flames right now are 1-3-1, only beating the Buffalo Sabres - and they needed overtime to pull that off. Elliott's stats line shows his team's struggles: he's 0-3-0 (Chad Johnson gets credit for the win and the OTL) with a 4.72 GAA and a .839 save percentage. Looks like Hitch's system was helping Ells out afer all.

At least Troy Brouwer seems to be finding success. He has three goals so far this season.

This is your morning open thread. Check back later on for JMill's last preview of this Western Canada road trip, and head back by for your GDT. While you're waiting for puck drop, swing over to Matchsticks and Gasoline and say hello to our friends here. Go on and assure them that Elliott's actually a good goalie if he has a defense in front of him.