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Tarasenko wins Sports Personality award

NHL: St. Louis Blues at Calgary Flames Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

In the latest bit of Vladimir Tarasenko is awesome news, the young Russian superstar was named the MAC Sports Personality of the Year. The 2016 Recipient of the Missouri Athletic Club award will receive the prize in a special ceremony on December 5th at Maryville University.

The kid is quickly taking over the St. Louis sports scene. With no disrespect to budding St. Louis Cardinals phenoms like Carlos Martinez, the most transcendent sports athlete in town is Tarasenko and it’s an appropriate placing. He just led the Blues into their deepest playoff run in over a decade and has produced a pair of high quality seasons.

Tarasenko is locked up long term and linked across the community already. He is one of the brightest young faces of the game. With no slap to the faces of Connor McDavid and Austin Matthews, Tarasenko is a legit stud with a potential that hasn’t been reached yet. He doesn’t just rip goals through goalies on a nightly basis. He has a witty and sincere dialogue with fans and broadcasters. This MAC award just confirms it.

He has announced every preseason that the goal is to bring a Stanley Cup to St. Louis. Like a solider promising a fulfilling homecoming, Tarasenko is going to stop at nothing to bring this town a crown it’s waited 50 years for. With David Backes moving out of town, it’ll be a perfect sight seeing #91 line up against Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, and the Blackhawks at Busch Stadium on January 2nd.

He’s “the guy” in this town. The one and the only. The unmistakable presence that Blues fans, casual and diehard maddening, can rest their hats on at the end of any given day. The promising blend of magic, fire, and electricity on ice. That is Tarasenko.

He will be the seventh Blues player to receive the award, following the likes of Brett Hull, Al Maclinnis, Brendan Shanahan, Curtis Joseph, and most recently T.J. Oshie. It all started in 1970 when Jack Buck wanted to honor the best sports personality in town. The members of the Missouri Athletic Board compile the voting system and their pick this year is a rightful soul.

Again, this is just the latest statue included batch of proof that Vladimir Tarasenko is awesome and will be for a long time.