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Ranking The Blues' NHL 17 Counterparts

Some of the Blues decided to grade their video game selves; now it's our turn for the whole team.

The Blues' official website published a fun piece Thursday in which they showed some of the members of the Blues their NHL 17 doppelgangers and asked them to rate the video game characters for accuracy. As we all know, every year some of the guys look more like the real life versions than others.

Some of the guys were less than pleased (Berglund: "I don't think it does me any justice. I think I'm way hotter in real life. I'm an absolute 10, but that guy - I'm going to be humble and say he's a 5. But in real life, I'm a 10."), others were just kind of happy to be included (Shattenkirk: "Wow! That looks pretty good. That's probably the closest I've ever seen it get in a video game.")

Here at Game Time, we're ranking them on accuracy. We've left out Jake Allen, because I'm sorry, you can't see his face. These are the lines that I have set up in my game, so Dmitrij Jaskin is in over Magnus Paajarvi, who was placed in the game by default to start the season.

Some of these are good (Robby Fabbri is uncanny). Some of these are not good (you'll know them when you see them). But, as Alex Pietrangelo put it, "Technology today!" It's come a long way since NHL 94.