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Jake Allen Injured in Preseason Game

Blues’ starting goaltender knocked out of game after collision with Gunnarsson

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-San Jose Sharks at St. Louis Blues Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

Starting goaltender Jake Allen has been injured during a meaningless preseason game at Scottrade against the Blackhawks. DON’T PANIC!

After the end of the first period, Allen came out of the dressing room and skated to the crease, but Carter Hutton took over goaltending duties a few minutes later. The implications of potentially losing Jake Allen for any extended period of time is downright terrifying, and the beautiful safety net of Brian Elliot is long gone, bartered away to Calgary for a draft pick. Again, no reason to panic, (but seriously go ahead and panic already) but Pheonix is probably getting a phone call as we speak, and without seeing the video, it’ll will be difficult to speculate to how serious his injury might be.


The Blues have now called up Jordan Binnington from the minors, so it’s very safe to assume that Jake will not be starting in the opener. From all accounts, Gunnarsson fell on Allen’s left ankle. No timetable has been given for Jake Allen’s return to the lineup as of yet.