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Blues At Predators GameDay Storystream: Another Back-to-Back?

Wait, didn't we just do this last night?

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Thank you, NHL scheduling gurus, for having another back-to-back for the Blues in under a week. Saturday and Sunday saw the Blues face the Blue Jackets and Avalanche; last night they lost 2-1 in overtime to the Chicago Blackhawks. The Blues, yet again, scored just one goal in the loss and it was from a defenseman.

Did they get good looks? Yes, especially Vladimir Tarasenko. Was the defense strong? Yep. Goaltending solid? Yepper!

Gripping the stick too tight? Yeah, that was there too.

Tonight is the first trip for the Blues to Nashville, a favorite city of many Game Timers to visit. If you headed down for a long weekend, enjoy. If you didn't, hang out here - later on will be a preview from JMill, and your GDT.

Head over to On the Forecheck and make sure you say hi to our good friends over there, and see what their predictions are for tonight's game.